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Smart bungee system presentation

The Smart Bungee is based on a simple idea : Adapt the bungee to your task.

Made up of several bungee cord with two patented tips and various accessories (Overmolded steel hook, Click Hook, Carabiner hook, Wall mount, Adjustable hook, Single Connector, Double Connector), the Smart Bungee system is the first and only totally adjustable bungee offering infinite solutions to secure all your projects

To give this new concept a modern and futuristic design to match the technical innovation, Joubert has worked along side several specialised designers.

It is sold in 2 Kits : A 10 piece kit and a 22 piece kit. All the accessories are sold by two.

The Smart Bungee can be built and undone to request, offering infinite possibilities.




Adapt the length and the accessories.



Various bungee sizes.


sandows smart bungee

Various accessories.


accessoires smart bungee