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Polyester laces

Polyester laces

A large range of polyester laces is available in various colours and sizes for all tastes and all shoes.

The "must have" being the joubert spiral laces which adapt to all types of shoes and come in all types of fun colours.

Specific range : the very resistant flame retardant laces (fire brigade, army etc...)

Applications : clothing, all types of shoes...

More details

our polyester laces come in various forms:

 sb - flat braided tubular laces : 2.5 - 9mm
 sd - flat woven laces : 8mm
 se - flat woven tubular laces with core : 7mm - 8mm
 sf - spiral laces : 3mm - 5,5mm
 sg - braided tubular laces with core : 1 - 4.4mm
 sr - knitted laces : 5mm - 8mm


large range of colours available, click here
specific colours, patterns and diameters available on request


bulk 100 or 200 pairs
folded with ring packaging
blister box