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Easy Grip Truck

Easy Grip Truck

Easy Grip® is a NEW GENERATION of easy to fit, high performance composite snow chain. Easy Grip Truck is a NEW product in the Easy Grip range and it adapts to all rigid trucks with single or double axle.

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Easy Grip Truck adapts to all rigid trucks with single or double axle and guarantees quick fitting, especially on trucks with a reduced wheel house. Easy Grip Truck must be fitted to the driving wheels of the truck, and only on the outer wheels in case of twin wheels.
Its exclusive structure coated with metallic clips ensures optimal performance and road handling with efficient braking and turning on ice and snow covered roads.

  Night Vision Security Easy grip compatible ABS ESP Easy Grip No Vibrations  

Optimal security

Compatible ABS, ESP

No vibrations


  • Read the fitting instructions before use
  • Install on the driving wheels of the vehicle.
  • Easy Grip can only be used on tyre dimensions as specified by the manufacturer
  • Only use EasyGrip® composite snow chains on the tyre dimensions specified on the packaging.t
  • Drive carefully and smoothly avoiding sudden starting/acceleration and sudden turning or braking.
  • Avoid any sustained driving on asphalt roads which could damage the product.

The Easy Grip® Truck bag

Reusable and practical, containing :

  • One pair of snow chains
  • One instructions manual that can be used as a protection mat.