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French Business Climate Pledge
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The French Business Climate Pledge is a voluntary commitment by companies based in France to support the climate. The common ambition is to take concrete action to successfully transition to a low-carbon economy and solutions.

Joubert Group has chosen to join these numerous companies by wishing to control the impact on the environment by working on the entire life cycle of the products.

This involves actions such as waste reduction, provision of electric vehicles and recharging stations, use of 20% recycled, organic and natural materials, installation of photovoltaic panels in 2011 on our Ambert site, etc.

Concrete objectives for 2022:

  • The transition to 100% green electricity for the Ambert site by modifying our energy contract to purchase electrical energy from renewable sources
  • A project to set up a label to certify the sanitary and ecological qualities of the textiles used as well as their impact on health and the environment
  • A revalorization of the waste emitted by Joubert’s industrial activity
  • The establishment of indicators to monitor our impact on the environment.