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A look back at the highlights of our cooperation :

2005 – The birth of Easy Grip®

Easy Grip® stemmed from extensive research by Joubert Group, which in 2005 found the ideal solution to improve vehicle safety in winter, in difficult weather conditions: snow or ice.

2007 – Market launch

Co-developed with Michelin, the Easy Grip® chain was launched on the market in 2007 by Impex.

Joubert Group, Michelin and Impex found the winning combination of an exemplary partnership and worked together to make Easy Grip® a stand-alone product. Easy Grip® went from strength to strength… with the range covering more than 80% of the European car fleet. Ranges for: saloon cars, 4-wheel drives, campers and utility vehicles.

2009 – Easy Grip® certified “special equipment”

Easy Grip® is the first composite snow chain recognised in France as a “removable anti-skid device guaranteeing the starting, guiding and braking of the vehicle” in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Transport of 18 July 1985.

Its anti-skid device was validated by :

  • the UTAC laboratory following the tests required by the French experimental standard XP R-12-781
  • the TÜV Rheinland laboratory following the tests required by the TUV Rheinland 2 PFG 858 laboratory specifications
  • the TUV Austria laboratory following the tests required by the Austrian standard Önorm V5121

2010 – Easy Grip®, voted “Product of the year”

Easy Grip® snow chain was voted “Product of the year” 2010 in the Innovation Marketing category.
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2017 – Launch of EASY GRIP EVO

New version of Easy Grip was released – EASY GRIP EVO with ultra simplified installation.