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From the very beginning of the Covid 19 health crisis, the 2CARexiaa Group and Joubert Group teams have been involved in the design of a reusable protective mask.

In less than two weeks, an innovative filter mask solution, suitable for all approved and seamless filters, has been developed – a short circuit collaboration for a mask developed and designed in Auvergne.

Co-developed with 2CA in partnership with BASF for the development of materials, this reusable mask allows, thanks to its filtering media, to minimize waste while offering a good level of air tightness on the face and therefore a performance superior to disposable masks.

Available in 3 S-M-L sizes, the POLAIRE HV PROTECT mask fits all dimensions and face shapes.

  • For professionals, its small footprint offers excellent comfort to be worn all day in addition to goggles, visor, or protective helmet.
  • For individuals, it is the guarantee of a reliable, economical product that ensures a good level of air tightness on the face of the wearer.


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