Joubert Group

Find all our certificates attesting to the quality of our products and services in this section.

Our ISO 9001 certification confirms our commitment to continuous improvement and our uncompromising determination to satisfy our customers.

Since 2015, the Joubert France (design) and Joubert Tunisia (production) sites have been IATF certified in order to better meet the specific needs of the automotive market.

UNI 11313 standart


Simulates the worst towing conditions over the life of a vehicle.

V5117 Standart

Ö-Norm V 5117 STANDARD

The marking displayed on a type-tested product in accordance with the Austrian standard (ÖNORM V 5117) for passenger car snow chains.

V5119 Standart

Ö-Norm V 5119 STANDARD

The marking displayed on a product in compliance with the very strict Austrian standard (ÖNORM V 5119) relating to snow chains for trucks, buses and medium-duty trucks.