Joubert Group

Innovation and research are two essential resources for our group strategy. Our R&D engineers design and develop innovative products by investing in technology and human capital.

Mastered expertise such as yarn extrusion, thermoplastic injection, weaving, braiding, knitting and confection, combined with an ambitious innovation policy, enables Joubert to offer numerous high-performance and innovative products making everyday life that little bit easier.

All our products are designed in-house at our Ambert site respecting two key principles: always staying one step ahead in innovation and creating products that are ever easier to use.

Our innovation focus has been rewarded with several acknowledgements:

Polaire Grip overview

We are now eligible for the Research Tax Credit and supported by Bpifrance in growth and insourcing through innovation.

We are proactive in designing solutions:

  • integrating electronic sensors such as fibre optics
  • integrating conductive elements: power supply in our electric fencing
  • eco-designed
  • high tenacity
  • fire resistant