Joubert Group

We support you in your differentiation strategy

Beyond the basic product range (cords, straps, nets), we design and manufacture all types of bespoke technical textile products.

Braided and knitted, round or flat, woven flat, elastic or rigid, made of polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester or polyamide, the diversity of our textile products associated with all our end fittings mean we can offer a wide range of products while adhering to your specifications.

Custom-made fabrication

Phase 1

Understanding of the project

When designing bespoke products, we respect the high standards that characterise your professional environment: functionality, resistance, elongation, environment of use, ease of maintenance, etc.

Our design office develops a range of products in keeping with your specifications or customises the products to your brand image.

Phase 2

Design and performance

Our “Methods and Industrialisation” department designs and produces the tooling and implements the manufacturing processes adapted to the industrialisation phase. Our teams will also guide you through to the packaging. The quality assurance is thus integrated into the manufacturing processes.

Together we can determine your choices in terms of comfort, safety, materials, colours, dimensions, etc., adhering to your expectations or your specifications.